Brilliant but cancelled

I bought a book online recently. It arrived today. A couple of the stamps on the package caught my eye, so I looked closely at them:



4 thoughts on “Brilliant but cancelled

  1. Ok, why would somebody use a 40 year old stamp as postage? Surely it’s more valuable to a collector? Even the Jesse Owens stamp is from 1990, and the skiing stamp is from 1998.


    1. 51 years old, but who’s counting? Except people born in 1955, ahem. Actually I looked on eBay; someone recently sold two sheets of fifty of these for $12.50 (total). That’s certainly well over face value, but not by enough to make two stamps worth bothering with.


      1. I once got a first-class letter from our mutual friend Ranjit, who had won a stamp auction on eBay and so my letter’s postage (less than 30 cents at the time) was paid with around 9-10 small-value stamps. It’s nice to get an envelope that deserves as much attention as the content.


      2. You’re obviously lying, since eBay was founded in 1995 at which time letter postage was $0.32. Still, what you say is true, even if you are lying.


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