I are dumm

Anyone out there read Dzur? I’m pretty sure ronebofh has. Anyone else?

If you have, can you gently explain to me:

What tipped off Vlad about Kragar?


4 thoughts on “I are dumm

  1. I’m in the same boat, man. I think some people went over it on the dragaera.info list, but i don’t remember what came of it. I would recommend asking there; you should get a succinct answer.


      1. Thanks, and I’ve seen the response:

        Presumably, it is what Mario whispered in Vlad’s ear at the end of the prologue. (When Vlad asks Mario how to get in touch with him later.) Since the audience is left in the dark about this until Vlad later confronts Kragar about it, it’s never directly stated.


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