Interest images are for jerks

This thing (as seen here) was gone before I could try it, so I rolled my own. With some extra features. And no, I’m not putting the script online.

Some wacky wrongness in these images…

alto clarinetsbass clarinetsc++cellular automataclarinetscontra-alto clarinetscontrabass clarinetscontrabass instrumentsconway's lifecosmologycsoundelectron scatteringelectronic musicelementary particlesextra dimensionsfantasyfiresign theatregaragebandgenealogyharlan ellisonheckelphoneshybrid carsinterrobang cartelisaac asimovj r r tolkienkibologylarry nivenletterboxinglinuxlois mcmaster bujoldmacsmathematical gamesmelodeonsmicrotonal musicmonty pythonmorris dancingmusical instrumentsmystneal stephensonneil gaimannomicnuclear physicsoctavinsparity violationparticle physicsperlphysicspoultrypriusrecreational mathematicsroger zelaznyrubik's cubesarrusophonesscience fictionsteven bruststrangenesstarogatosterry gilliamterry pratchetttim burtontraditional musicwallace and gromitwoodwindswordplay


3 thoughts on “Interest images are for jerks

    1. Alto clarinet is overly general. The contrabass clarinet’s a little overshadowed by the contrabass sax. Electronic music looks more like piano music. Elementary particles seems to be biological. Interröbang Cartel is wrong, but maybe it should be. J R R Tolkien is apropos, but Xrist, what a lame cartoon. Mathematical games isn’t very. Melodeons is the wrong kind. Bio-Nomic is not Nomic. Strangeness is the wrong strangeness, though the wrong strangeness is kind of interesting too. Tarogatos is right, I guess, but hard to identify. Wordplay is the wrong wordplay. Contrabass instruments, Firesign Theatre, Monty Python, and traditional music are just wrong, wrong, wrong.


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