Dark Firefly

We were watching Dark Star tonight, and it occurred to me that if Joss Whedon is looking for something to do, he could do worse than to remake Dark Star with better sets, effects, and acting.

Then I realized he wouldn’t even have to spend any time auditioning a cast. He’s got one already. I think Morena Baccarin would have to settle for just being the Mission Control person in the message at the beginning, and Sean Maher would be the voices of Bombs 19 and 20. The rest of the cast then works out pretty obviously:

  • Nathan Fillion …. Doolittle
  • Gina Torres …. Talby
  • Alan Tudyk …. Pinback
  • Adam Baldwin …. Boiler
  • Jewel Staite …. Computer
  • Ron Glass …. Powell
  • Summer Glau …. The alien

(Update: According to IMDB, Ron Cobb worked on both Dark Star (Special Effects) and “Firefly” (Art Department), while Bill Taylor worked on both Dark Star (Miscellaneous Crew, Visual Effects) and Serenity (Special Effects, Visual Effects).)


3 thoughts on “Dark Firefly

  1. You tell yourself that you want to see that cast together again, but won’t it be frustrating to see all the actors playing none of the characters you want to see?


    1. You appear to be taking me about 30% too seriously. But supposing (just supposing) Joss Whedon were reading this and also took me about 30% too seriously, and he went ahead and did it… well, I damn well would go see it. I don’t think it’d add any to the frustration of not having more “Firefly” to watch; it would potentially be one heck of a good movie. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take me about 30% less seriously.


      1. okay, well if we take out that stuff about the Firefly cast, I would agree without other reservation that Whedon would do an excellent job making a Darkstar remake! okay then.


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