Where I’ll be this spring/summer

… or have been — aside from home and work, that is.


April 6-16: Newport News, Virginia (Jefferson Laboratory)
April 21-23: Gilbertsville, New York (Gilbertsville morris tour, with the Binghamton Morris Men)
May 2-11: Newport News, Virginia (Jefferson Laboratory)
June 2-4: Falls Village, Connecticut (Suds morris tour, with the Binghamton Morris Men)
June 9-11: Durham, New Hampshire (niece’s graduation)
June 23-25: Altamont, New York (Old Songs music festival)
July 20-30: Moreton-In-Marsh, Gloucestershire, England (American Travelling Morrice tour)
July 30-31: Wilmslow, Cheshire, England (post ATM)
August 4-6: Trumansburg, New York (Dog Days morris ale, with Thornden Morris and Grindstone Creek Morris)


2 thoughts on “Where I’ll be this spring/summer

    1. I don’t think the locals have eaten anyone yet. I presumably will arrive Friday evening and leave Sunday morning — I don’t know yet whether I’ll be traveling with anyone. Performing Saturday will be scattered; if it’s like the last couple of times I went, the Binghamton Men (and one other team) will head north into Massachusetts and dance in various places along the route. The dancing in Falls Village (by everyone) occurs late afternoon or early evening — maybe around 6? I think there’s a social event just prior to that you could crash.


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