Gilbertsville 2006

How do we do it? We had beautiful weather last week right up through Friday night. Saturday it rained all day. Sunday it rained in the morning and was dismal until late afternoon. Then the sun came out.

So we did less dancing outdoors on Saturday than we did last year (none at all, as opposed to about two dances) but more Sunday (all of it, as opposed to none).

Anyway, it was Gilbertsville, and there was lots of indoor dancing by the Binghamton Men and perennial guests the Toronto Morris Men (none of the Bouwerie Boys who supposedly were going to turn up actually did, except John Dexter). There was a nice session in the pub (Tunnicliff’s, Cooperstown) Saturday afternoon, and, as usual, great food all weekend.

In lieu of last year’s table diving, Saturday night the Canadians instigated a game of what I thought of at the time as a variant of floor hockey, but only because I’d never heard of ringette at the time. “Floor ringette” would be a better term. We used morris sticks, of course, and a roll of masking tape. Folding chairs marked the goals, and all goals were automatically disqualified. I got only one notable bruise and no significant cardiac failure. The Canadian who told us about ringette afterward said that now that he’s played it, he has new respect for the abilities of Canadian girls. I suspect this can be generalized to a broadly [fnarr] applicable lesson about females. Or possibly the lesson is about males.

Next morning the Canadians were playing bagel curling. More my speed, but I just watched.

Fine, fine weekend.


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