More odd music

Following up on a story Goolge News found for me, here’s the Main Squeeze Orchestra: the fulfillment of one man’s dream to conduct an all-woman, all-accordion orchestra.

Edmund Welles is not alone: here’s another bass clarinet quartet. Their site’s a little outdated; maybe they don’t exist any more.

(There was also the World’s Largest Bass Clarinet Choir, but that was a one-shot gig.)

A slightly odd thing: Concertino, a clarinet and saxophone ensemble. That’s not so strange in itself — not that I know of any other examples, but it’s sort of halfway between a clarinet choir and a wind ensemble, right? — but they seem to have about 27 Bb clarinets, one doubling on Eb; two alto saxes; two tenor saxes; and two baritone saxes doubling on bass sax. Which seems (a) awfully skewed toward the soprano and (b) oddly lacking in alto clarinets, basset horns, bass clarinets, contra-alto clarinets, and contrabass clarinets. And soprano saxes, for that matter. I dunno, just strikes me as a strange idea of instrumentation. (Not that Edmund Welles and Rocco Parisi’s aren’t awfully skewed away from the soprano, but that’s the whole point.) They don’t seem to have sound samples online, so I can only imagine it.

Finally this picture of field tests of the Army’s newest shoulder-launched antipersonnel clarinet, from the web site of the 77th Army Band Clarient [sic] Quartet. You can get clarinets in red and green and purple these days; why not camo?


5 thoughts on “More odd music

    1. Thanks; interesting links! I had no idea bassoon quartets were so common (Goolge for them). Heck, I had no idea they existed.


      1. My brother the bassoonist had the Bubonic Bassoon Quartet CD on repeat for about six months straight when he was in middle school.


  1. Another clarinet and saxophone ensemble is the Kölner Saxophon Mafia. You wouldn’t know from the name it had clarinets, but you will be happy to know that their recordings feature plenty of alto/bass/contra clarinet. I found this entry because I was looking for more information on Rocco Parisi’s bass clarinet quartet. I was hoping to find sample mp3s somewhere, but no luck. (I am familiar with Edmund Welles.) As for bassoon-accordion duets, I’m not familiar with any (not that I’ve looked) but there is a bass clarinet/accordion duet that has recorded a few discs.


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