More frozen hell

The American Travelling Morrice is going to England this summer.

The ATM, and the Binghamton Morris Men, who are core members of the ATM, dance mostly Bampton and Chipping Campden. We have the blessing of the Chipping Campden Men to dance the Chipping Campden dances in America. We have been asked, however, not to dance Campden in England. That means we’ll be doing more than the usual amount of dances from our second-string styles — Ducklington, Bucknell, Brackley, Bledington, and a few others. None of which I do well enough to perform with the ATM or BMM.

So I decided I was going to learn Ducklington this winter, come hell or high water, by whatever means I could. Since the BMM practiced all of 1 1/2 times in 2005, both times last April (one practice was truncated due to flooding), I didn’t really expect I’d learn it at BMM practice. Seems I was wrong.

We practiced yesterday. We discussed having another practice this upcoming weekend, though we decided we can’t (and probably not next weekend either). Seems the team is taking seriously the idea of working up Ducklington and perhaps some of the other styles before the Gilbertsville tour at the end of April. Actually I was the only one present yesterday who’s going on the England trip, but one or two others want to get up to speed on Duck too. So we worked on Boys of the Bunch and Princess Royal.

Tom rode with me from Syracuse. It’s the first time he’s been in our Prius. He liked it, but kept getting weirded out when I’d put the car in gear without starting the engine first.


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