Bass clarinet, actually

Back in June, when I bought an alto clarinet, it was because I didn’t win the bass clarinet I bid on.

When I bought soprano clarinets in August and again in December, it was because I found bargains while looking mainly for bargain bass clarinets.

Many times since June I’ve seen alto clarinets listed as bass clarinets. Charitably, one figures these are being listed by people who don’t really know what an alto or a bass clarinet is and can’t tell the difference. Typically they sell for more than comparable alto clarinets that are correctly listed, which leads to the uncharitable interpretation.

Three times I’ve seen the reverse, a bass clarinet listed as an alto clarinet. Every time, they’ve sold for well under what a comparable bass clarinet that is correctly listed would.

I missed my chance to bid on the first two of these — in the case of the second one, by only a minute or so. I was seriously annoyed with myself. I figured it’d be another couple months before I saw another such erroneous listing.

It was more like a day.

It didn’t go as cheap as the preceding one, but it has a mouthpiece (and no case) (the preceding one had a case and no mouthpiece) and may be in better shape (or may not). We’ll see. Anyway, I got it for a bargain price — if its condition is as good as it appears to be. And this’ll probably be the last instrument I buy for a while, unless a really irresistable bargain comes along.

Soon after, a bass clarinet that spent 25 years on the wall of a T. G. I. Friday’s went — to someone else — for a fairly low price, too.


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