James Burke spins in his grave

A while ago I bought some clarinet pads and used them to bring a clarinet I’d bought for $10.57 on eBay back into playing condition.

I ordered the pads from a guy in Florida. I had occasion to ask him a question about them, and in his response he talked about Albert system vs. Boehm system clarinets. He went on to mention a friend of his in Spain named Oscar Font, who plays mostly trombone but also Albert system clarinet in a pre-swing Fletcher Henderson tribute band called The Fu-Manchu Jazz Servants. Here’s their web page, mostly in Spanish. It includes three numbers in mp3 format, which I listened to and enjoyed.

Tonight I was trying to get back to that web site, whose URL I’d misplaced. Google didn’t turn it up directly, but it did turn up a page of reviews on the web site of Gillygaloo, a children’s music band in NYC. Said page included praise from Oscar Font and the link to the Fu-Manchu page. Having found what I wanted, I then went back to look at Gillygaloo’s site. On their front page there’s a picture of the band, four people including…

Michael Gorin, of the Bouwerie Boys Morris Men, alumnus of the Binghamton Morris Men; a guy I’ve known for about 15 years.

I screamed and screamed.


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