Another clarinet acquired

I stole this clarinet:

OK, I didn’t actually steal it; it just feels as though I did.

Evette (it says here) was the brand name once used by Buffet for their student level clarinets; the step-up instruments were “Evette and Schaeffer”. These were made in France until about 1978, when production was moved to West Germany. Around 1981 or 1982 Buffet stopped using the Evette name, labelling all its clarinets Buffet.

This is a German-made Evette, so was made around 1980, and is a forerunner of the Buffet B12 — which is generally considered one of the better student-level instruments.

A little googling turns up this page, advertising a German-made plastic Evette for £185. Of course that particular instrument has been overhauled, and the one I stole bought on eBay hadn’t. It was missing one pad, which I replaced, and I replaced another partly because it was not in great shape but mainly because the height needed to match with the other pad I’d done. And I tightened a loose screw. But other than that the pads look at least acceptable, the corks look great, the key adjustment seems fine.

The mouthpiece, I don’t know — it’s marked “Special”, I don’t know who manufactured it. It’s scratched and a little chipped. Works, though.

Since I haven’t gotten around to doing anything about the pads on that Artley I bought a few months ago, nor have I had the nerve to work on my old Pedler, this clarinet is in much better shape than either. Altogether, I feel pretty good about the purchase price: $10.57.

Heck, the case is probably worth that much.


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