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But on Tuesday, he told Pentagon reporters that a premature withdrawal would be “destabilizing.”

And you know we don’t want the situation in Iraq to become unstable, right?

That would be almost as bad as if Christmas were to become commercialized, the climate in the Sahara were to become dry, or George W. Bush were to become stupid.


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  1. I was unfortunately drinking liquid when I heard originally heard that statement and someone had to apply the Heimlich maneuver on me.


    1. Setting aside “what do we do now” questions, today’s Parade magazine “intelligence report” section had some really good reasons to loathe this crew of chickenhawks. On Dec 5, it will be available online at parade.com.


      1. It’s here if your browser can handle it (not all of mine can). But what the heck, I’ll just copy it: Making Money Off Iraq Being an Iraq war planner has paid off for some U.S. officials. Former CIA Director George Tenet negotiated a $4 million book deal. Paul Wolfowitz—No. 2 at the Pentagon—is now at the World Bank, with a $300,000 tax-free annual salary, a mortgage allowance and a golf-club membership. Retired Gen. Tommy Franks, who led the invasion, reportedly collected $5 million for his memoirs; he now serves on the board of Outback steakhouses; and Camden County, N.J., paid him $75,000 for a speech. Paul Bremer reportedly gets up to $40,000 to speak and received more than $100,000 for a book about his year as U.S. administrator in Iraq. By contrast, what do the folks fighting the war make? A private earns $3,104 a month; a corporal, $3,637; a captain, $6,373; and a one-star general, $12,809. (Each includes $625 a month in combat pay, regardless of rank.)


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