Utterances that should not be news

When the President declares that the US does not torture its prisoners, and this story goes to the top of Google News, don’t you think that indicates the United States has somehow squandered its former stature as a country that cares about human dignity?


“We do not torture.” — G. W. Bush
“I am not a crook.” — R. M. Nixon

Another in the list of claims that, even if true, a President should not need to make. I’d add “I did not have sex with that woman,” but I still don’t think it’s in the same league.


One thought on “Utterances that should not be news

  1. Does that include listening to / watching him speak? Because I find that very painful. “I am not a crook” belongs with “I did not have sex with that woman.” Of course he’s a crook. They’re all crooks. Check your pay stub. But this… this is something different. Something very ugly.


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