Arm and leg, my ass

So how’re gas prices where you live?

I filled up last night at $2.99/gal, but later saw $2.95, and this morning, $2.92. Only about 30 cents more than it was a day or three ago. But I passed a pair of stations with huge lines of cars waiting to fill up at $2.66 (this morning they were up to $2.95), while another station down the road a quarter mile was about $3.20, and this morning I saw another one posting $3.26.

Apparently the folks in the oil industry are in such a tizzy over Katrina, they can’t even figure out how much they should be gouging.

For those of you with a long commute — it won’t do you much good if most of your driving is 10-minute trips — I can highly recommend the Toyota Prius (in the post-2003 version). We get around 51-52 MPG with ours.


4 thoughts on “Arm and leg, my ass

  1. $2.95 this morning at the local station in rural norther CT, not known to be lower than the competitive suburban stations. But maybe a bit behind in the rush to increase prices… Why won’t the Prius help if most driving is 10-min trips? BTW, does it have regenerative braking? I’ve alsways been partial to Toyotas. Have two; one is 22 years old.


    1. Update: Fastrac in Central Square has a billboard on I-81 with the slogan “Quality gasoline, low prices” and a live display of their current price; tonight it was, I think, $3.46. That’s the highest I’ve seen. I don’t pretend to fully understand why, but the gas consumption on the Prius is low when you first start up. Maybe that’s true of all cars, I don’t know, but the Prius has a dashboard display that shows you. After about 5-10 minutes it hits its stride, but if we stopped at 10 minutes and parked it for a few hours, we’d probably be getting no better than high 30s MPG. Yep, regenerative braking; part of the reason why the EPA figure for city driving is better than for highway. (In the real world I usually get worse mileage in city driving, but not always. Depends on hills and such.) We too have two Toyotas. The Prius replaced a 1993 Corolla that had about 190K miles on it and might’ve been good for 190K more, but we felt it was time to get something newer, given that our commute is more than 60 miles round trip per day. The other’s a Matrix, bought when our Saturn was totalled and we couldn’t wait the several months it was taking back then to get a Prius. Low 30s MPG, which isn’t bad at all especially considering it’s a 4 wheel drive.


      1. $3.43 at the local station this morning – I knew they would catch up. Went to see the in-laws in the city; $3.25 was the cheapest I saw. A gas station owner out in the sticks (he must think it’s Vermont) protested the high prices he was told to post by the distributor by closing his store and locking the pumps. Bet his customers were real happy about that. A lady wrote to the paper that she was not a gas station owner but supported his protest and would herself protest by driving less. Duh!


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