Hot, humid, sticky weather: bad enough if you’re just standing still, but worse yet if you’re morris dancing. The Binghamton Men were guests at the Bouwerie Boys’ “Pseudz” (spelling varies) along with Newtowne, the Berkshire Morris Men, Foggy Bottom, and the Pokingbrook men’s side. Between dancing and sweating, we travelled in un-air-conditioned school buses. Fortunately they were pretty well ventilated, and fortunately the bus drivers were locals who knew good places to stop for some quick swimming without benefit of bathing suits. (I waded. I didn’t want to go swimming if I didn’t have a towel to dry off afterward with. That may not have been a particularly good reason not to, though; people seemed to be air drying fairly well, even with the humidity.) We danced pretty well, I think, and despite the weather I had a good time.


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