Appliance Follies

A few weeks ago Heather put dinner in the oven, came back later, and found the oven was cold. So, necessarily, was dinner.

I tried the oven the next morning and it lit fine. But a few days later it failed to light again. Great: Intermittent problem.

(We’re talking gas oven here, actually propane, and electronic ignition. Four years old.)

So we called in Service Technician #1, who charged about $65 to tell us:

The self cleaning feature, which heats up the oven to a gazillion degrees, also tends to overheat the electronics. A part was failing, and repair would require replacing a circuit board. Part about $120, labor about another $120.

That being a good fraction of the cost of a good new range, we declined to have the work done. We considered buying a new range, but decided to have someone else take a look at the problem.

Service Technician #2 charged us less than $50 to tell us:

The igniter had some corrosion on it. He cleaned it off and said that should fix it, and told me how to repeat the procedure if it ever became necessary.

So, for your chance at a FABULOUS PRIZE*, the question I put to you is this:

Which Service Technician is more full of shit?

*Possibly the range itself, depending on whether #2 was right or not. Delivery charges are responsibility of winner.


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