She did it redux

So the week before last Heather interviewed with the hospital in Fulton. She didn’t interview at Oswego because they told her they’d give her a job offer based on her interview in December. (For those just catching up, she interviewed at Oswego and Crouse Hospital in Syracuse in December, and got a job at Crouse; but she resigned in February when it became clear the insane stress level on that floor was incompatible with her studying for the boards and dealing with family issues.) Over the following weekend she decided she didn’t want to work full time. Oswego had only a full time position for her so she turned that down. Fulton said they thought they’d be able to hire her part time.

While waiting to hear back from Fulton, Heather got a call from someone else wanting to interview her. That was a full time position too, but since Fulton was taking its own sweet time checking references before making a formal offer, she decided to do the interview on Friday.

She came away saying, “Maybe I should work there, it’s full time but I like it a lot”, and then by the time she got home there was a message on the machine offering her the job, starting Monday. She slept on it, talked to some of her friends and teachers from nursing school, and then accepted.

So as of yesterday, she’s working for Planned Parenthood in Syracuse. It’s full time and a longer drive than Fulton or Oswego… but it’s women’s health, which is what she wants to do, and not med surg in a hospital, which isn’t. And it’s fairly calm there, unlike Crouse 5 South. And parking is in the lot behind the building, not a 10-minute shuttle bus trip away. And they close at 6:30 pm, so it’s day shifts only, no mandating. And they’re closed weekends, so it’s weekdays only. And she gets a half hour for lunch. And she gets four weeks vacation after six months. And she gets to spend time with the clients instead of just shoving pills at them and running off to the next one. And most of the clients are healthy, not sick with some weird antibiotic-resistant disease that would be oh so fun for the nurse to catch.

The minister who lives next door got kinda quiet when she mentioned it to him, though.


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