Linux stuff

I have a new computer at work, a Dell Optiplex GX280. No great powerhouse, but sufficient for what I need.

Today I installed Scientific Linux 3.0.4 on it. This is a RHEL clone, put together by some high energy physics laboratory people. As their web site shows, I was not the first to install it on a GX280, and I had similar success — video is VESA, other than that no difficulties.

I kept WindowsXP on the disk and set up a dual boot… with Linux the default, of course. As for partitioning, well… wanting to sully myself with Windows as little as possible, I tried booting from a Knoppix 3.7 live CD. This didn’t work. The default boot, with kernel 2.4x, didn’t recognize the SATA hard drive, and booting with kernel 2.6x just hung. There may be a workaround, but I just took the advice of M Otis Beard and tried using Kanotix 2005-01, a Knoppix variant. That worked well — until I tried running QtParted to shrink the Windows NTFS partition. It wouldn’t cooperate. I finally gave up, went back to Windows, and did it with PartitionMagic. Well, at least I now have a couple live Linux CDs in case I need them.

Tonight, for the heck of it, I installed Scientific Linux — in a much more stripped down form, given the massive 4 GB disk — on my old ThinkPad 600 laptop. Once again it went fine. No sound, but that’s nothing new — I hear it’s possible to get sound support for the TP600 in Linux, but it involves sacrificing a goat and reciting Kant backwards while doing handstands, or something. Anyway, I’ve never done it.


One thought on “Linux stuff

  1. Just read this, and was having the same problem, until I booted using the cheatcode: knoppix26 acpi=off HTH anyone else who might come across this problem.


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