Ten unusual things I’ve done

Following infrogmation, some unusual things:

  1. Played music for a radio studio broadcast performance of a morris dance
  2. Tied six bowline knots in thirty seconds
  3. Ridden an elephant and, a few weeks later, fed a giraffe
  4. Created polarized muonic helium. This involved stopping muons, which are famous for not stopping, in helium, which is famous for not stopping particles.
  5. Carried an accordion up three mountains
  6. Deduced the probable parents and siblings (most of them) of Hiram Holmes (1804-1864)
  7. Used a telephone handset and cord, but not the phone itself, to transfer data between two computers
  8. Visited the graves of two great-great-great-great-grandparents
  9. Ordered a mushroom and pineapple pizza from Amore Pizza in Onondaga Hill (well, they said I was the first)
  10. Been mentioned by name on the front page of the Wall Street Journal

3 thoughts on “Ten unusual things I’ve done

  1. …and thanks for infecting me with this meme <:-( I couldn't get to sleep last night for trying to think of unusual things in my mostly ordinary life….


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