The malignancy of open source

A Microsoft security specialist explains that people who use open source software do so in order to focus malware damage on Windows users.

Well, of course! How could I not have realized this?

There’s absolutely no other possible explanation for open source.

Actual quote:

Keppelmeyer claims that the authors of malicious software use open source browsers to protect themselves from their creations. While Keppelmeyer says “not all open source users are necessarily creating malicious software”, all who adopt it for regular use are changing the arena in which attacks are carried out.


5 thoughts on “The malignancy of open source

      1. Well, indeed, poop. Guess I shoulda read the whole thing. I was in a hurry, honest. I was tempted to delete this whole journal entry but I didn’t because (1) admitting to being an idiot is good for the soul and (2) the fact that, as absurd as this is, it was still believable, at least to me, says almost as much about Microsoft as I thought the article was saying. You may have to read that sentence three or four times to figure out what the heck I’m trying to say, but that’s life.


      2. Yeah, a friend and i had the same reaction. It was so dang plausible, even if it was somewhat over the top even for a Microsoft weenie. I’d’ve removed my first comment, too, but i liked it anyway.


      3. I’m proud to say that before I got to the p.s., I thought of looking this up on Mac OS D should have waited 51 more days to release this. Maybe you should add a parenthetical note to the bottom of your original post, something to the effect “you better read the comments”? But I do sympathize. It isn’t much of a stretch to imagine it being real.


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