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Well, here I am, back in 2005. At least that’s what it says in the date fields at the top of this Update Journal page. I guess 2005 is an improvement over 1244, which is where I found myself later in the morning after stepping out of the men’s room in the physics building. It was dark in the hallway, and then I noticed the hallway walls were made of stone, and when I tried to go back into the men’s room the door just led into a storeroom full of jars of something, and there was this guy half passed out on the floor in the hallway who definitely wasn’t from 2029 or 2005, but didn’t seem to be too sure what year it was himself.

Turns out it was some castle in Scotland, and the guy on the floor was the only one there — a squatter, I think. The castle was pretty run down and people seemed to be avoiding it. Maybe it was haunted. I dunno.

All I knew was (1) Heather was going to be pissed at me for not picking up Kenny from the babysitters’ after school and (2) this time I had not gotten correspondingly younger by going back in time; at least, I don’t think that’s what a -711 year old person looks like, not that I’ve ever met one. As far as I know.

So I figured, well, I’m randomly time travelling, better get used to it. So I waited for the next jump to happen. And it did… seventeen years later.

That was another in-my-sleep jump, and I’m not sure exactly to what year. Seems the trilobites weren’t too good at making calendars. They didn’t taste that great, either, and it was a bit of a relief that I only had to stay there a couple of weeks.

Things are pretty strange in 397,443 AD, let me tell you. Hint: Buy stock in Google. I mean it.

And then… well, there I was, sitting in the car outside the babysitter’s house. And there was Kenny, five years old again, wearing the same outfit I’d put him in that morning, or eighteen and a half years ago, or twenty-four years ago, or… whenever. On the morning of 27 Jan 2005, anyway.

For some reason, it feels like a good sign that I’m back to 2005. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and none of this will have happened.


One thought on “(no subject)

  1. So, the Google neural net beta is a better investment than the Triloburgers franchise? Good to know. I just wish I’d known better than to invest all my Greek Fire royalty profits into Dodo bird futures.


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